Covid-19 Resources

Training Venue
Advice for Returning
to Exercise after
Health Survey
Return to training
Colne ASC Covid-19
Risk Assessment
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Return Rules
Emergency Contact Form
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Covid-19 Teachers Resources

Advanced Swimmers Temporary
Lesson Structure
Improving Swimmers Temporary
Lesson Structure
Beginners Temporary
Lesson Structure
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Younger Children Temporary
Lesson Structure
Thought starters for setting
up training sessions
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Club Documents

Membership Form
Members Pack
Swimmers Charter
Club Constitution
Competition Rules
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ASA Technical Rules
Competition Policy
Club Equity Policy
Information Sheet
Design T-Shirt Competition
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Swim England

Swim England Handbook
Wavepower 2020-2023
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Entry Forms

Betty Petty Form
Champ Gala Girls
Champ Gala Boys
Spot On Competition
Sprint Gala
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February Age Group
June Age Group
Sponsored Form
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Wavepower 2020-23: Child safeguarding policy and procedures for clubs

Safeguarding Policy Statement
Code of conduct for children
Code of conduct for coaches and teachers
Code of conduct for committee members, officials and volunteers
Code of conduct for parents or guardians
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Wavepower 2016-19: Child safeguarding policy and procedures for clubs

Information and contents
Introduction to Wavepower
Child safeguarding responsibilities
Guidance for coaches, teachers and poolside helpers
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Templates, forms and checklist
Full index with page numbers
Annexes for the Swim England model club constitution
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Child Power Leaflet
Child Welfare Complaints Procedure
Good Club Guide - Welfare Officer
Protocols for Child Safeguarding Investigations
Volunteering Social Media Guide
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Good Club Guides

Club Chairperson
Welfare Officer
Club Captain
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Team Manager
Workforce Co-ordinator
Marketing and Press Officer
Fundraising Officer
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Engaging With Young Volunteers
Making The Most Of Volunteers
Volunteering Social Media Guide
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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Advice Note on Data Breaches and Self-Reporting
'Child Friendly' Club Member Data Privacy Notice
Guide to Data Subjects Rights
Standard Club Data Protection Policy
Standard Club Member Data Privacy Notice
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Standard External Privacy Policy
Standard Volunteer Data Privacy Notice
Swim England Data Protection Notice
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WADA Policies

World Anti-Doping Code
Prohibited List
Athletes Anti-Doping
Therapeutic Use
Guidelines for TUE
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Old ASA Policy Documents

Photographic Policy
Conduct for Officials
Conduct for Parents
Conduct for Swimmers
Conduct for Teachers
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Letter to Parents
Letter to Swimmers
Medical Form
Photography Consent
Swim21 Leaflet
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Good Practice using
Social Networks
Parents Guide
to Twitter
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